Dell inspiron 15 5559 laptop review

The dell inspiron 15 5559 is a budget oriented laptop which satisfies the common customer’s needs. The laptop is a entry level machine which every age group can use.

dell inspiron 15 5559.jpg
Dell inspiron 15 5559

The dell inspiron 15 5559 comes in two colors and variants. One will feature a 15.6″ FHD display, wave max audio, 8 gigs of DDR3 memory,gigs of DDR3 graphics card from AMD, Radeon R5 M335. All these are powered by a 6th gen Intel core i5 processor. While the latter comes with a slight difference, a 4 gigs AMD Radeon R5 M335 graphics

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Its an overall solid construction from Dell apart from the display. The body is made up of good quality plastic and there is no creaking noised. The front panel of the laptop is textured and the dell logo sits at the center. The keyboard panel has a mat finish and little bit of rubberized texture.

It has a full qwerty keyboard with well spaced keys and good build.However the keys aren’t backlight. The touchpad also feels nice to use and it has all the bult in windows 10 features baked into it.

The laptop comes with windows 10 pre installed in it. First it was a buggy experience but with the later updates from dell, the experience became smooth and fast.$_1.jpg

The inbuilt AMD software lets you configure the drivers for each task you throw at it.

Dell inspiron 15 5559 is a laptop for those who games a little bit, edit videos, educational purposed etc.

However due to the full HD display the laptop runs out of juice quicker than you expect.However it has an average battery life.


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